As the war engulfed the European Continent and Japan is taking over Asian Counties, Kingman and MohaveCounty was preparing for war. Because one day, they knew the country that they loved would be drawn into the war. So they contacted the Federal Government in Washington D. C., to inform them about available land for a military base, i.e. like an airfield. The process was slow, very slow.


14--An Army Air Force Bomber from March Field, Ca. arrived at Port Kingman. The crew flew in for a fishing trip to Lake Mead. The aircraft landed at Port Kingman around 4 A. M. The locals could view the aircraft, for aircraft was there all day at the air strip. (mcm)


30--Nevada's Senator McCarran (D) introduced a bill S4066 to establish a military post to protect Boulder Dam. (mcm) Note: This is before thought of an attack on the U. S. continent. The measure is to protect the western electric energy supply.


6--MohaveCounty Chamber of Commerce sends a telegram to President Roosevelt. This would inform the government about HualapaiValley. (mcm)


10--The regional manager of the sixth region, Colonel J. S. Marriott of Civil Aeronautics Authority along with Arthur Ayers (regional airport engineer) visited Phoenix and Tucson. Their visit is for developing a plan or system of airports for Arizona and with this information will be passes on to the War Department. Mohave Co. has been working for an airfield to be established in the HualapaiValley for military use. (mcm)


7—MohaveCounty Chamber of Commerce sent in a suggestion to the War Department on upgrading U. S. Route 66 for military purposes. (mcm)

14--The War Department will look into Route 66 as a possible military artery. (mcm)


5—MohaveCounty Chamber of Commerce learned that the military likes Route 66 as military artery, but does not have the funds to maintain the highway. They have directed it to the proper department in the government. (mcm)

19--The Mohave County Chamber of Commerce wrote letters to the War Department, telling them of the natural situation to construct underground air base near Kingman. They could build the facilities into the surrounding mountains. (mcm)

Nevada's Senator McCarran's bill passed earlier, so a military police battalion will be placed near Boulder Dam. (mcm)


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History of Kingman Army Air Field & Storage Depot 41