Kingman Army Air Field was just a memory. Storage Depot 41 was becoming a memory. The MohaveCountyAirport or the KingmanAirport was starting new memories.


25—An announcement was made for a free air show at the KingmanAirport (KAAF). It would be held on 5th of June at 2:30 P. M. and everyone is invited. Kingman and MorganFlyingSchools will supply the pilots and planes. It was to be held sometime in February, but a large amount of snow fell during the winter so they postpone it until the field was ready for this kind of activity. (mcm)


2—The American Legion, Kingman and MorganFlyingSchools will sponsor the free air show at the KingmanAirport. This is to show off one of the best airport in the southwest U. S. (mcm)

5—The air show featured local pilots and planes vying for prizes in bombing paper cutting, spot, dead-stick, and wheel landings, with a little aerobatics thrown in to the show the skills of the pilots. Over 600 people showed up to watch the show. Dan Powers won the private pilot spot landing contest and B. A. Frieday won the commercial pilot spot landing. Because of some bad weather the ribbon cutting and bombing contest were canceled. Joe Kinkella did some dazzling aerobatics in his BT and Walt Bensley showed off in his Stearman. A big surprise was the landing of a British Lancaster bomber; they were heading to Las Vegas Air Force Base. The weather was getting bad, so they stop here. (mcm)


21—The AirEngineeringDevelopmentCenter Act of 1949, Senate bill 1267 is to established transonic and supersonic wind tunnel facilities in one of four states. (mcm)


9—The AirEngineeringDevelopmentCenter went to Tennessee. If Arizona had received the nod, the facility would have been out by RedLake. (mcm)


16—The inaugural flight of Bonanza Air Line at the KingmanAirport at 9:45 A. M. (mcm)

19—The first day of air passengers, mail, freight and express service of Bonanza Airlines. (mcm)


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History of Kingman Army Air Field & Storage Depot 41