Kingman Army Air Field & WAA Storage Depot 41

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With the outbreak of war in now in Europe and war still happening in China, America starts to get ready for war. The government started looking for locations for military posts. Kingman and MohaveCounty started to let the government know they had property to help in case the military needed it.  Kingman Army Air Field was established in 1942. KAAF is one of the newest gunnery training bases. Over 36,000 gunners were trained there in about three and half years.

War Assets Administration came to KAAF to set up Sales & Storage Depot 41. Depot 41 was to sell of the base buildings and equipment. Not only that, it would store aircraft from the Army Air Force. Some 5634 aircraft were melted down into ingots. After the Depot 41 did it’s job, the airfield was turned over to Mohave County to be used as an airport for the county.

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History of Kingman Army Air Field & Storage Depot 41